Chinese scientists successfully develop Ultrasonic Endoscope probe


Nanjing, 21 Feb (Xinhua) the reporter learned from the Suzhou Institute of Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the team led by Cui Xiaoxu, a researcher in the Institute's medical acoustics department, has recently developed an ultrasonic endoscope microprobe suitable for the examination of human digestive tract and intestinal lesions. It places the micro high frequency ultrasound probe in the front end of the interventional catheter, inserts the esophagus, gastrointestinal tract, bronchus and so on, and carries on the real-time scanning imaging, so that the doctor can distinguish the stage of digestive tract tumor more accurately and make the treatment plan.

The core component of the endoscope microprobe is a grain-sized ultrasonic transducer. The latest imaging tests show that the transducer can clearly see the five-layer structure of the stomach wall and meet the clinical needs. By using ultrasound endoscopy, doctors can clearly identify tumor growth levels and depth of invasion. In addition, ultrasound endoscopy can also be used for organ imaging near the intestine, which plays a role in the diagnosis of pancreatic, bile duct and gallbladder lesions. 

Cui Xiaoyi introduced that compared with the traditional optical endoscope diagnosis or X-ray imaging, ultrasonic endoscopy has much more information, and is more convenient and safe than puncture examination. "for example, a traditional gastroscope is equivalent to a mirror for the gastrointestinal tract, which can only see the surface of the inner wall of the organ, while an ultrasonic endoscope is equivalent to putting the probe into the body for ultrasound."

Source: Xinhua net

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